Focusing a portfolio of brands

Challenge: Researching which brand to use

Flexiform is an office storage and furniture manufacturer. The previous owners had run the business down, so the new owners decided to develop new branded ranges to be seen in a new light. However, it had reached a stage where they had four logos and were unclear which brand to use or lead with.

So Flexiform commissioned Kin to undertake market research to assess market perception and awareness of the four brands, and decide which brand to use. Kin were then also briefed to revitalise their overall branding.

Solution: Collaborative working

Market research by Kin revealed that there was still equity in the Flexiform brand, that the market appreciated the business turnaround by the new owners, and the other logos had little equity and were confusing people. So we decided to use Flexiform as the main brand, kept Jot as a furniture product range name and used Asgard as a separate name for a different business, garden sheds.

Flexiform works closely with clients and interior designers to create their office design and furniture solutions. So we positioned the brand around ‘collaborative working’. We defined the personality traits as ‘approachable’, ‘expert’ and ‘knowledgeable’. The collaborative working was taken through into an interlocking ‘f’ identity design, with collage material to reflect office interiors.

Result: Increased tender enquiries

The Flexiform re-brand and portfolio focus has been well received by clients, the business has grown and tender enquiries have increased as a result.