Re-invigorating the brand of an innovative LED lighting manufacturer

Challenge: How to go upmarket?

Orluna manufacture LED downlights, for lifestyle interiors such as hotels and restaurants. Orluna’s brief was to develop their branding to help them go upmarket from a value to quality perception.

Orluna’s main customers are lighting designers, so they needed a website with all the technical information for them to be able to easily specify products.

Solution: Expertly focused

The product range is focused on LED downlights, which enables them to excel at product development with innovative new features and products.

So we positioned Orluna as ‘Expertly focused, as the staff are very knowledgeable about lighting in a field which is rapidly changing due to environmental legislation.

Most lighting manufacturers in this market have a white on black identity. Instead we saw the opportunity for the identity to show the effect of lighting design. So we made the ‘O’ of Orluna into a 3D logo, and created a tonal design that gives a luminous look, reflective of the effect of lighting design in space.

We took the branding through to sales tools and a website with product filter, so lighting designers can quickly find and specify products.

Results: 30% increase in sales

Turnover has increased by 30% since launch and the branding has established Orluna firmly in the market as a top tier competitor.

The new design as been very well received by lighting designers. Orluna is finding that the website enables the designers to specify and fill in order forms better and call them with more informed enquiries.


“The re-branding of Orluna has been received with universal praise from our clients. Since its implementation, we have had an increasing number of well informed queries and a 30% growth in sales.”

Trevor Morgan, Sales Director, Orluna