Modernising the steel industry

Kin worked with SBB (Steel Business Briefing) on three projects over a five year period from business start up to them becoming global market leader and the eventual sale of the business to Platts.

Challenge: Build the SBB brand

Steel Business Briefing was founded by Patrick Flockart to provide a quality daily news briefing to the steel industry.

Throughout the development of SBB the challenge was to find a positioning that helped SBB to grow as a global brand, from being market challenger to market leader.

Solution: ‘Faster. Closer. Further’

Kin researched the global subscription base to understand their views on SBB’s services and what they valued. This established that people valued the way SBB was approachable, organised local ‘SBB Meets’ (events) and gave concise, trustworthy, steel information on a daily basis.

This was encapsulated in the vision and mission for each area of the business and strapline ‘Faster. Closer. Further’. The reflects the way SBB brought subscribers real facts faster, got closer to them through SBB Meets and through training developed customers to go further in the steel industry.

Kin also developed the brand strategy for a second brand The Steel Index to give the market steel prices they could trust and build towards a universally recognised steel index.

Result: From market challenger to market leader

Kin worked with SBB from start up to market leader to keep developing and future proofing their branding. The business was then successfully sold to Platts.


“Kin were terrific and helped us to review and redefine what our vision and brand strategy was. Time extremely well spent.

Connecting to the marketplace is about getting the branding right, which aids the propensity to conversion.”

Patrick Flockart, Founder of SBB